Former Tiger Peralta joins Cards

Often outspoken, Cardinals Left Fielder Matt Holliday has taken a turn from his normally hard stance on PED’s in baseball and those who take them as new Shortstop Johnny Peralta joined the ball club.

“I am against PEDs and always will be,” Holliday said Monday at the Cardinals’ winter fan festival. “But I also am a forgiving person, and he served his suspension. That’s the rules of the game. I’m happy to have him as a teammate.”

Peralty served a 50 game suspension as a member of the Detroit Tigers organization.  Upon his return at the end of last season, Peralta signed a 4-year $53 million contract with the Cardinals.

“He took the suspension, served it,” Holliday said. “His teammates in Detroit welcomed him back. I don’t think it’s necessarily something he has to address. If he wants to, that’s his prerogative. But I don’t think, as teammates, it’s anything we expect.”

The Cardinals open the season on March 31st against the Cincinnati Reds.  Great seats and tickets are still available!

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